Chris Bell - Vocals, Guitar, Harp, Sexamaphone



Chris plays a Hamer Echotone Guitar, run through a Line 6 GuitarPODxt Live and a Boss RC-20 to a Line 6 Flextone III.  He uses Lee Oskar Harmonicas and his Sexamaphone is a Saxxy Synthesizer Kazoo created by Sharper Image Design.


What are you listening to now?

In my car at this very moment I have Nomad by Lotus, All This Everything by P-Groove, and in my room I have been zoning out to STS9's Artifact.


Any recommendations?
Charles, Mike and myself went to go see Frequinox, and admittedly the show was kind of a let down, but the ferocity of the guests Joe Russo (drums) and Marco Benevento (keys) literally stole the show.  We had seen them as The Duo a couple years ago and I have been downloading their shit since then because they blew me away.  Of course I always recommend Phish from 95-97 and the Dead from 72-74.  I don't read or watch movies.  Family Guy, History Channel, etc...


How'd you get here?

Born in Texas, moved to Connecticut, had a band with Harold, we then joined up with Mike and Chuck, toured all over New England, and now we all are based in Cali.  That is the extremely abbreviated version.  There have been wonderful highs, blood covered concrete lows and everything in between, but we're still here!