HACHA July 30 @ Key Club





The Key Clubs plush lounge was transformed into an alternate psychedelic universe as Hacha took over and treated friends and fans to a high-energy rock fest to celebrate the release of their third album, Moorpark Street. This on-the-verge, bluesy Southern rock band that has raised impressive comparisons to the Black Crowes and The Allman Brothers displayed the remarkable combination of laid-back Charisma and electric spirit that kept the crowd buzzing all night long. The boys of Hacha have known one another since grade school in Connecticut and have played together for seven years, developing a signature style. Their live show consisted of two sets, the first being original compositions from their new album, including the lively "Belly Up" and my personal favorite "Gypsy Cab." The second set revisited favorites from past albums and extended the aura of familiarity as they tackled classics like "Whole Lotta Love," "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Lovelight." Providing many of the shows fun moments were Hachas generous guitar and drum solos, which allowed each and member to showcase the bona fide skills behind their sound. And with the lead singer repeatedly encouraging alcohol consumption and praising our "beautiful mouths," it did feel oddly like a warped version of home.


For more information, visit hacha.net.